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комментарий Ричарда.

На дворе 2 часа ночи. Проверяю уведомления на фейсбуке. Очередной комментарий от Ричарда. И такой точный. Нет времени переводить, но оригинал сюда вставлю.

Richard: Did my message not go through? She is very hip, wears large hats. I keep admiring you for your interest in everything, this is a real plus, never be discouraged, my value at the UN is the same, covering everything, I can see how things are connected. That is why it is important not to listen to "old tapes" of anyone who criticizes you. Beckett wrote one of the most important plays of the 20th Century, "Krapp's Last Tape" -- if you understand the play, then if you are an archivist of importance, even the smallest loss of material will cause pain to you. So persevere, consistency is what is needed over a long period of time, remember you need to think of yourself not as 25 but right now as 50 -- what have you done in the next 25 years. I think you will understand that, envision your legacy NOW -- even at age 75, what did you achieve. In order to leave the legacy to future scholars, start now, not wasting even one day. Never look back in regret, that wastes your time and energy. Be an icebreaker, not a piece of ice. Just go through criticism like a ship going to free the whales that were stuck below the ice, you heard about them? You must be on a mission of importance. It is not for you to be appreciated now but in 150 years. That is why I do what I do. Not for now. For 100 years ahead and more. Best thing is that I give everything away now, totally free, I want other people's names on my archives in the three libraries. When the President of a country hugs you for your work, that's pretty good. And he does not remember my name, but asks "How's the guy with the shopping bags." No one else on earth fits that but me!! THAT is satisfaction. Known by my shopping bags. Others know me for them also at UNEP. So don't worry about what others say, think, or what you think about what they think. Just live your vision.

You will go at the right time. Never know when that is, but just be ready!!
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