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Story #2, Jovana Dodos: "Greetings from Paris!"

Living abroad is difficult, challenging,
inspiring and time and nerves consuming.
But it's a unique life experience

by Jovana Dodos

1. Where do you live?


2. What do you do?

everything and nothing

3. Tell us about your life abroad

Every day spent abroad, alone, on your own or with new people, gives you one more piece of a puzzle, you more drop to the sea of your life experience and helps you to develop yourself further - that is how i see it.

Sometimes your are nostalgic, sometimes you miss your good old life which was more simple and less probematic or sometimes you are enjoying wondering around the city in which you are living for three months and still- like me now, not having idea where is what. Living abroad has its advantages and disadvantages, but undoubtedly, it's one priceless experience which helps you to broden your views and see the world from different perspective. So far, I love it and I am grateful to have an opportunity to taste it!

4. Is there a difference between lifestyles in France and in Serbia?

There is a huge difference among every country. It doesnt have to be comparision between the UK and Serbia, France and Serbia. They are different per se. But that difference is what gives you a fresh prospective of your life.
One of the biggest fears that i am facing right now or I can say I am facing it more and more by living abroad is that i willl get used to moving around and I wont be able to find happiness in one place for more than a year. Basically, I am afraid that I will end up moving around countries from time to time until the rest of my life. Ytou know what they say: find what you love and let it kill you.
At some point I was sick and tired of packing my stuff, living in a suitcase, going around, putting my shit in my bags, taking my shit to a train station, airports and that kind of stuff. it's really difficult, it's really difficult. But the thing is, as soon as you setlled down, you start enjoying a new environment and you start living with it. You get use to it, you feel like at home. But then, somehow you realize that your mission at one place is completed and you feel again that strong desire to go and live somewhere else. Do u know what i mean? I am afraid that i will keep this desire forever and i will end up moving around the world just for the sake of moving. Crazy, isn't it?

5. Tell me what are the top places to visit in France?

St Melo. St Melo is a wonderful small coastal city in Bretanne, in France. it's smth different to what i have seen so far. This wondeful town managed to keep its specific culture, and visiting is gives you different experience, tells you a different story. it has a wonderful fortress which is in the water. When the sea level decrease, you can approach it on foot. Magical.

6. What is your project and tell me about your hobbies
I have a lot of hobbies. I am an adventure seeker. Main hobby - adventure seeking. I dont know how I would describe myself. The problem is that I can not put all the things i am doing in my life in one box and say - this is my hobby. \that's not true/ For example I am working on development of my own dream: having an international organisation which will be my own business, runned according to my own rules. Main focus will be on environment and health, which is a hot topic nowdays, and sustainable development, of course. so lets say that i am pretty much focused on it besides trying to finish my studies and write my master thesis.

7. Tell us about the present which you received or ever presented

A present which I received was a ticket to Moscow. Actually it was a bet with my friend that I would take a Transsibirean railway from Moscow to Beijing. So in order to prove I was needed to go to the Embassy of China even the next day after we betted. I am not a type of person who likes to lose. I finished all adminitrative stuff for one morning and managed to apply for a visa. The next day I received a ticket to Moscow from my friend. Unfortunately, I did not take a train eventually, but I plan to do it in the near future.

A present which I gave. It was part of the present to Alina. Her sister was doing this. So I was asked to send a photo with a wish for Alina's birthday. Than Marina put these photos on the map and it was a wonderful present with wishes from different countries.

8. What inspires you every day?!

No inspiration on daily basis, sometimes days are just magical : and inspiration is everywhere. But when days are not so nice, that we have to do our best and try to find happiness in small things and to enjoy small moments , which might seems meaningless at the moment, but they are essetial parts of our lives.

So I find inspiration in such things as:
- drinking tea and reading book in a foreign language in a rainy afternoon
- finding a hidden places and corners in the neighborhood
- writing a letter to a good old friend

My biggest inspiration is exploration: unknown places, food, drinks.

9. Your favourite quote

Never stop challenging yourself. No limits.

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