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In 2011 I met Oscar Luna in Indonesia at #TunzaConference by UN Environment Programme . We became friends and since that time we are in touch and meet regularly.

Tomorrow is my 32 Birthday. And it becomes kind of tradition to fundraise to my #dearPeople around the World who are suffering from different diseases.

Last summer I made one of my #DreamsComingTrue - I visited #TelezkoeLake in #AltayRegion in Siberia, Russia. I was travelling with a bag from this #TunzaConference2011.

I know some of you would love to make presents for me. But I have everything in my life. So I would like kindly to ask you to help making a healthier life to my dear friend Oscar Luna from #Venezuela.

It's easy "to save world" in words on paper or being #GretaThunberg. But what if we try to help EACH other in real actions and $ support?


P.S. The direct link is here:

Друзья, завтра мой 32й День Рождения. Все, кто хотел мне что-то подарить, лучше переведите "монетку" моему венесуэльскому другу Оскару. Знаю его с 2011 года. На фото я в прошлом году на Алтае, а в руках рюкзак, который мне подарили на конференции в Индонезии, где я и познакомилась с Оскаром.

Буду благодарна ❤ Дарите Добро и будьте счастливы ❤

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